1. Getting to know the Baths: Local history walk: mineral springs, bvisiting monuments, Wine Museum, Wheelchair geological reserve (surface quarries), caves, mofetta.     -3-4 hours light tour.

2. Walking tours (see tour guide 14).

3. Mountain bike tours.

4. Car trips.

5. Caving (suitable equipment): Bear Cave, Ice Cave and Dripstone Cave.

6. ALPIN ADVENTURE PARK: Rock climbing at the Medvebarlang (equipment and professional supervision are provided by the Maroshevíz mountain riders).

7. Tournament information: Departure from the Wheelchair (Sunbathing).

 7.1. the first stone quarry (rock knowledge)

7.2. Gudus source (Calcium precipitation, first aid),

7.3. Bear cave (cave life),

7.4. Precious stone mine (Borsec fauna),

7.5. Ice cave (characteristic caves of the caves),

7.6. Mofetta (physiological effect),

7.7. Fairyland: (herbal and edible fungus knowledge).

8. Sport offers: Football, Miniature Soccer, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Handball, Basketball, Badminton.

9. Riding (in winter): Zoltán Kolbert, Róbert Cseke, Csaba Patka, horseback riding (for children).

10. Tradition-conserving activities:

10. 1. cooking (gastronomic profession: preparing traditional dishes),

10. 2. hand work,

10. 3. Archery: József Ferency, Attila Móga, Renáta Miklós.

11. Historical and Cultural Walking (architectural styles), Antal Kamenitzky.

12. "The legend of the fairy-tale goes live", in the elaboration of Ilona Mosneág's playground. Location. the Arena (2nd Quarry).

13. Walk to Waterfall (behind the school, in the Paprika-garden).

14. Trekking (a 1680 m long bicycle jumping course on the ski slope), Simon Ede.

15. Bunker tour (more than 20 World War II troops, trenches, trenches, ballast and machine gun are ready to be seen in Alsóborszék and Bagolyvár).

16. Of Road in special terrain.

17. Half marathon and / or marathon for athletic fans.




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